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Solid fertilizer process

FCH®: Fully Controlled Hydrolysis



Agrogel® is the end product of the FCH® process. It is the first and only hydrolyzed gelatin for agricultural use.

Thermal hydrolysis of collagen occurs within dynamic autoclaves. The process has three sequential phases of varying lengths performed at specific controlled temperatures. The gelatin material exiting the four reactors is sent on to the continuous dehydration line. In this line, under controlled conditions and at low temperature (100° C), the collagen is finally converted into gelatin for agricultural use.

The humidity, temperature, and rate of extraction of Agrogel® are automatically, continuously monitored so as to obtain a homogenous, standardized product that features different lengths of protein chains according to a pre-set pattern in order to allow for a regular release of nitrogen to the soil, naturally mediated by microorganisms.

Defined during the production phase, this release process allows Agrogel® to meet the agronomical needs of the crops based on the absorption curve for nutrient elements.

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