Quality of product, respect for the environment and worker safety: the three pillars of the Assofertilizzanti Quality Mark.

The Assofertilizzanti Quality Mark has been confirmed to ILSA for year 2020.


ILSA has been voluntarily entered this audit scheme since 2016 to ensure the compliance of its products with the Assofertilizzanti - the Italian Industrial association - requirements. The quality mark certification confirms ILSA’s commitment on aspects such as environmental protection, quality and safety of the  employees.

The assessment for the year 2019, has been carried out during the last weeks by the Certiquality inspectors on behalf of Assofertilizzanti with positive result. Furthermore, ILSA has exceeded expectations by obtaining a score of 111 (the threshold score is 70 points).

What does the quality mark audit scheme consist of? Launched by Assofertilizzanti in 2012, the quality mark audit scheme aims to implement a programme of controls, not only oriented to the verification of the labelling system and the subsequent characterization of products in the laboratory, but also encourages companies to adopt responsible behaviours which go beyond statutory requirements.

High product quality, production safety and respect for the environment are the three main pillars of this scheme.

111 points for ILSA, how did we achieve this? First of all because there were no sanctions for the samples examined during 2019. But also thanks to the fact that ILSA adheres to Responsible Care, the international programme for the chemical industry. The Company is also certified for ISO 9001 (quality standards), ISO 14001 (environmental standards) and ISO 50001 (energy management standards).

The Assofertilizzanti Quality Mark certification recognizes the work carried out and ILSAs commitment to industry ethics and efforts to drive continuous improvement.