ILSA's Quality Control laboratory consists of a structure of qualified experts who monitor all the raw input materials and the finished output products every day. Using state-of-the-art instruments, approximately 30 parameters are checked and more than 6000 analysis on approximately 2000 samples are carried out every year.

The laboratory’s strength is the accreditation, obtained in 2015, in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 by the Italian Accreditation Body, ACCREDIA, signatory of the international mutual recognition agreements EA MLA (European co-operation for Accreditation Multilateral Agreement).

The EA MLA agreements allow for conformity assessments issued by accredited organizations, via signatory entities, so as to be recognized in all major world markets. By virtue of this agreement, the test reports issued under ACCREDIA accreditation are recognized and accepted internationally.

Currently, ILSA is one of the few Italian companies with an accredited internal laboratory and the only one in the fertiliser-biostimulant industry.

The certification body ACCREDIA periodically checks that all the points provided for by the standard are complied with: from the management of the samples and of the instruments, to the traceability of the data, up to the strict control of the analytical procedures. During the periodic audits, the inspection team supervises the execution of the tests on actual samples. The accreditation thus attests the quality level of the analytical activity of a testing laboratory, while verifying the compliance of its management system and its competences with internationally recognized regulatory requirements and compulsory legislative requirements.  The list of accredited tests is available by clicking here .

The C.R.A. (Center Research) is equipped with all modern technologies for analytical characterization and biosecurity and test in the growth chamber. Particurarly, in addition to ordinary instrumentation, ILSA is provided with MORE EFFICIENT EQUIPMENTS