ILSA trainings are Global, Digital and Multilingual


During the Covid-19 global pandemic crisis, ILSA have never stopped production and during the #stayathome period, they have launched a series of webinars dedicated to enrich professional skills. The series has been greatly appreciated by farmers and technicians from different countries around the world. Conducted by ILSA agronomists, focused on the agricultural practices of the season and on cultivations, the webinars have confirmed that farmers today use a great deal of technology and that they seek quality training and appreciate the online interaction with experts.

The pandemic has changed the way agronomists work.  Although field work will continue to be an important element going forward, they are also discovering new, more efficient ways to stay in contact and provide valuable advice to large, online audiences.

The webinar content offers a variety of insights; one focus was on the quality of olive oil, another on wine vines and specifically around strategies to tackle the desiccation of the spine in the vine. 

Other events have involved ILSA's foreign partners with training delivered in Spanish.


In collaboration with ILSA Brasil, one webinar focus was on the importance of amino acids for plants and the differences between the company's unique protein hydrolysates and the products available on the market. With another South American partner, Eurochilena Ltda, the webinar showcased the advantages of ILSA products in the nutrition and bio-stimulation strategy of blueberries grown organically, a crop of paramount importance in Chile.

This series of webinars will continue to be delivered by ILSA over the coming months, so that the current major challenges in agriculture around efficient production and food safety, will be addressed in timely, easy to access, online, interactive trainings about the ILSA innovative inputs.

The ILSA website and social platforms will remain updated with all information on upcoming webinars.