ILSA has been certified by CERTIQUALITY also for 2021


There are just 25 companies who have been awarded the Assofertilizzanti Quality Mark for 2021 from the main Italian fertilisers industries association. 

ILSA are proud to have obtained the quality certification; a recognition that goes far beyond mere compliance with legal obligations.

The ICQRF - Central Inspectorate of Quality Protection and Fraud Repression of agri-food products - carries out tests by picking up products from retailers to measure the compliance and correspondence of the composition against the label declaration. In addition to product composition, controls extend to the verification of the weights indicated in the sales packages. 

ILSA has been adhering to the Assofertilizzanti "Quality Project" since 1996. The project aims to contribute to the development and improvement of fertilisers companies in their production management and organizational processes along with every aspect related to safety and the environment. 

Thanks to the Assofertilizzanti Quality Mark, farmers using ILSA products can be sure that what is written on the label is correct and genuine and that the company adopts organizational and production systems that ensure safety and environmental sustainability. Thanks to this certification, retailers can also be sure of what they sell when offering ILSA products, thus protecting themselves from any possible dispute with clients.


In awarding the certification, Assofertilizzanti wanted to thank the companies for their commitment in a period of great difficulty due to the pandemic and in contributing to create a way of "rebirth" to the current situation.

ILSA has a website page dedicated to sustainability with an overview of all certifications obtained by the company; from those dedicated to organic farming to those relating to process and product, topics of safety, energy and work, and this is available at the following link.