ILSA for organic bananas in the Ivory Coast


ILSA extends its commercial presence to the Ivory Coast where since the beginning of this year they have been serving organic banana farmers. ILSA mainly sells solid fertilizers characterized by the modulated release of organic Nitrogen, which exists in a totally bioavailable form for plants, without posing any risk of release into the groundwater. The products chosen for the banana groves are highly stable and have very low humidity (7-8%), factors that allow for long storage in the warehouse without the risk of alterations and bad smells, even in the field.

The high water-retention capacity and the continuous and standardized release of Nitrogen and other complex nutrients within 70-80 days also allow for a targeted number of applications during the banana crop cycle.

This favours a balanced vegetative development, a great photosynthetic efficiency of the leaves and the final increase in banana yield, which is even higher than in conventional practice. In this way, the number of interventions is reduced and consequently, the management costs and the overall impact in terms of C02 are reduced. Moreover, ILSA promotes sustainable, specialized and high-income agriculture in several other African countries.

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