World Food Day 2023

ILSA's actions for productivity in agriculture and the environment


In 1979, October 16 was declared World Food Day. On this occasion, this year, "Leave No ONE behind" exhorts FAO to raise awareness of the global problems of poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Businesses today are being asked to take concrete action to address food security and ensure nutritional health for all. In a more general and global sense, the UN implores to pursue the goals dictated by the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

The smart reuse of by-products from several supply chains, or upcycling

At ILSA, we integrated sustainability into the business model when the company was founded, 66 years ago. ILSA was created to enhance residues and waste from other supply chains through a pragmatic scientific approach combined with sheer confidence to result in the most innovative ideas and projects. Born to enhance the waste and scraps of tanned leather, a source of organic nitrogen, a strategic element regulating soil fertility, ILSA then moved on to research other raw materials, including those of vegetable origin, which are sometimes by-products of the agri-food sector. In this way, we contribute to drastically reducing waste and, thanks to scientific progress, reuse the waste which for us becomes precious raw materials.

Innovation for agricultural productivity in the world

Starting from bases of animal and vegetable origin, we create efficient fertilizers necessary to guarantee the productivity of crops. These are used in over 50 countries, contributing to productive and sustainable agriculture. In the last decade, we refined new products in our laboratories and climatic chambers, together with universities and research centres: biostimulants, products that can help crops against specific environmental stresses. In this way, we have not only increased the productivity of crops but also the organoleptic and nutritional aspects of fruit and vegetables. By making them more resistant, we have extended their shelf-life, which translates to easier logistics and less waste generation. Among other things, our biostimulants are efficient even in low doses: "giving less to have more" is cited in ILSA's Manifesto for sustainability.

Through our products, we share our knowledge. We train agronomist technicians with advanced skills and create new job opportunities. We are committed to the development of a resilient agricultural system capable of guaranteeing access to a healthy and balanced diet for all. And we will continue to do our utmost.