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The new natural biostimulant MACRILS@, the pure energy of algae


It is called MACRILS@ and is ILSA's new all-vegetable biostimulant, a novelty in the Italian company's extensive category of specific-action products. ILSA's first true algae-based formulation comes after years of field trials that have established its absolute effectiveness and unique characteristics compared to other algae-based formulations on the market.

Macrocystis, a special algae

MACRILS@ biostimulant is obtained by extracting algae of the Macrocystis genus that grow in the southern coast of Chile. Compared to other brown algae typically used in agriculture (Ascophyllum nodosum, Ecklonia maxima, etc.), Macrocystis algae mainly grow in the southern hemisphere, where they find their ideal thriving conditions. The southern coast of Chile, in particular, is characterized by cold, crystal-clear, heavy-metal-free marine waters, thanks to the cold Humboldt current (also called "the Peru Current") that flows north along the Pacific coast of South America. It brings nourishment and oxygen to the seaweed thus creating a clean and ideal habitat for its growth and reproduction.

Macrocystis development sites around the world.

The growth environment and characteristics of Macrocystis genus allow these algae to have a high content of vitamins (especially vit. E), gibberellins, auxins, alginates, mannitol, polyamines, betaines, potassium and natural amino acids, in different proportions than other algae used in agriculture.

Macrocystis harvesting and extraction, a combination of efficiency and eco-sustainability

In addition to its all-vegetable nature, which allows its use in organic farming, MACRILS@ has a strong sustainable relevance at economic, social and environmental level. In fact, Macrocystis algae are harvested and transported by certified and licensed Chilean fishermen using eco-friendly boats specifically designed for this purpose. This harvesting system implies other important benefits:

  • it creates job opportunities for local people, as each crew consists of four fishermen and each boat can carry up to 16 containers;
  • lharvesting is done only twice a year (spring and summer) in a non-invasive manner, so that the seaweed has the biological time to propagate.

After harvesting, MACRILS@ is obtained by using an innovative extraction process with very high environmental sustainability called Cold State Cell Disruption (CSCD®).

This is a high-pressure, cold physical extraction without chemicals or high temperatures in order to keep the molecules unaltered and ensure their functionality.

Compared to traditional extraction systems, often based on chemicals and harmful to the environment, CSCD® technology is one of the so-called "green technologies,"; indeed, it does not pollute the environment, does not generate waste, allows for reduced energy consumption, and results in a biostimulant and eco-friendly extract.

What are the benefits of using MACRILS@?

The strong biostimulating action of the substances characterizing these specific Macrocystis algae makes MACRILS@ unique compared to other products on the market.

  • Natural growth regulators (gibberellins and auxins), salicylic and chlorogenic acids (important in tryptophan metabolism) have a "hormone-like" effect and give the formulation a strong action on cell relaxation thus affecting plant and fruit development.
  • Alginates and mannitol have a capturing action towards Calcium and other ions promoting active transport within the various organs of the plant being formed (roots, meristematic apices, flowers and fruits).
  • The presence of vitamins (E and D), polyamines, betaines and natural amino acids also promotes antioxidants against free radicals and regulates plant transpiration, particularly in response to osmotic, water and thermal stresses.
  • Finally, polysaccharides, potassium and betaines improve fruit quality characteristics in terms of firmness, dry matter, tolerance to water and physiological stresses during ripening.

How and why MACRILS@?

is intended for foliar application during peak plant-productive activity periods of horticultural, fruit, flower and vine crops. MACRILS@ can be perfectly mixed with other commercial formulations (including phytosanitary) and therefore may be used with amino acids, organic nitrogen and microelements to promote the initial plant development of horticultural crops in the post-transplant phase and the elongation of shoots and flower clusters of vines and other tree crops.

In the growing phase, MACRILS@ enhances photosynthetic efficiency and acts as an anti-stress agent in the critical stages of flowering and fruit set.

After fruit set, MACRILS@ boosts fruit size increase and distribution in the most commercially valued size classes, with a marked action of shelf-life-enhancing.

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