ILSA takes to the skies for social inclusion with FlyTherapy


Experience the sense of lightness and freedom of a flight against the barriers of disability

ILSA supports a project of great social value: FlyTherapy. Promoted by FlyTherapy Vol'Ale APS, a non-profit association operating throughout the Italian territory, it aims to give young people with disabilities the experience of flying, offering them the opportunity to fly aboard an ICP Savannah S ultralight.

Thanks to ILSA's support, even more young people with disabilities will have the opportunity to live a unique and extraordinary experience, overcoming the barriers that often limit their daily lives. Flying becomes an opportunity to feel free and fully involved in an activity that until a few years ago would have been unthinkable.

Paolo Girelli, ILSA president, comments, "FlyTherapy is a concrete step towards promoting social inclusion, breaking down barriers that prevent people with disabilities from fully living their lives and allowing them to experience the adrenaline of a flight, overcoming their own limits."

The next appointment with FlyTherapy is on June 11th at Romeo Sartori Airport in Asiago. For more information, please visit the website www.volale.it.