Angelo Cifarelli, Agronomist ILSA for Southern Italy and Central and South America


Why did you pursue a career in the agriculture industry?

First of all, out of passion, passed down to me by my father. But also because it is a very stimulating and multidisciplinary sector, with skills ranging from chemistry to physics, from mathematics to economics, from marketing to communication. Moreover, it is a crucial sector for humanity, as a source of food, energy and well-being. And especially in recent years, it has been continuously evolving..

How do you see global agricultural practices evolving to ensure a more sustainable future? Are there any trends or innovations you find promising?

I believe we are heading to the right direction. Consumers are more sensitive to environmental and eco-sustainability issues, and consequently, companies are starting to produce in an eco-friendly manner. Natural biostimulants and precision fertilization are, in my opinion, the two main trends that will lead to increased yields per hectare and improved quality of production using fewer resources and prioritizing natural resources. We need to adapt to climate change, and therefore, biostimulants will be the tools that will allow us to produce while minimizing stress.

What advice would you give young professionals in Agriculture?

I have three pieces of advice for young agricultural entrepreneurs. The first is to stay updated about agricultural advancements and to experiment with new, more efficient solutions. Agriculture is constantly evolving, and it's important for agricultural practices to evolve towards greater efficiency and sustainability as well. Unfortunately, we still hear the phrase "it has always been done this way" too often!

The second is to focus on quality, a factor that can make a difference in the market, given consumers' increased preference for products that are good and safe from a health perspective.

The third is to collaborate with each other. Through cooperation or even the creation of a brand, it is possible to enhance one's productions and counteract the dominance of prices set by organized distribution.

Matera (Italy)