Marta Magnano, Crop Specialist ILSA for Grapes


Why did you pursue a career in the agriculture industry?

Since I was a child, I have always been passionate about nature, flowers and plants. This passion was passed down to me by my parents who worked in the gardening and ornamental cultivation sector. After finishing university, I started working in the seed sector. I had never approached the agricultural sector before, and it was a great discovery for me. Within a few months, I began working for a multinational company specializing in crop protection as a technical sales manager, and that's where my career began.

How do you see global agricultural practices evolving to ensure a more sustainable future? Are there any trends or innovations you find promising?

I believe that research can help us make the products we use for cultivation increasingly efficient, aiming to optimize investments and increase agricultural soil yields. Furthermore, I strongly believe in the improvement of technologies for product application. Especially in challenging agricultural years and soils, the mode of application can make a significant difference in product efficiency.

What advice would you give young professionals in Agriculture?

First and foremost, I recommend listening as much as possible: the practical experience of the "veterans" in the field is always very concrete. I also advise observing people but, above all, plants, and spending as much time as possible in the field. Lastly, I suggest always studying and keeping yourself updated.

Verona (Italy)