World Science Day for Peace and Development 2023


Can scientific diplomacy contribute to peace? Can it be an integral part of a company's activities? At ILSA, we firmly believe it is possible. On the occasion of the World Science Day for Peace and Development, celebrated on November 10th, we want to share our contributions as a company that has always made scientific research the driving force of its growth.

  • Our long history of scientific research, in collaboration with international universities since 1976, has allowed us to efficiently pool resources, promote fruitful knowledge exchange, and share results. This collaboration has also fostered an openness to diverse cultures, simplifying dialogue and enhancing the effectiveness of research to address global challenges related to agriculture.
  • Through the GAP (Global Amino Acids Production) project, made possible by the expertise of our technicians in optimizing and making production facilities transportable, we promote a circular economy in developing countries. We export technologies and knowledge to valorize a byproduct of the leather tanning industry, thus avoiding a severe environmental impact. This approach creates skills, employment, and social development.
  • With the ILSAZERO program, we undertake initiatives to alleviate rural poverty by supporting the planting of thousands of fruit trees for local farming communities. Simultaneously, we promote biodiversity and offset our carbon footprint.
  • We offer farmers in 55 countries worldwide the opportunity to choose natural and effective fertilizers and biostimulants to enhance their crop yields, even in arid or highly saline soils. In this way, we promote sustainable agriculture and food security.

By exporting scientific progress and engaging in continuous dialogue with communities, researchers, scientists, technicians, and farmers worldwide, we facilitate the sharing of technologies and expertise, creating economic opportunities that contribute to conflict prevention and economic migrations. This is our concept of scientific diplomacy, which we have embraced as a company for over 60 years.