World Water Day. ILSA helps reduce water volumes used in foliar treatments


On the occasion of World Water Day on March 22nd, we want to emphasize the importance of conserving this resource and explain how products based on Gelamin®, the hydrolyzed liquid gelatin for agricultural use exclusively produced by ILSA, actively contribute to reducing water usage.

With climate change and the increasingly evident scarcity of this resource, ILSA provides a concrete answer to farmers who, during foliar treatments, not only aim to achieve high yields and quality of their crops but also want to reduce water usage, which is becoming increasingly precious.

Below are the technical reasons why Gelamin®-based products significantly contribute to water savings:

  • Rapid absorption and effectiveness with low water volumes. Gelamin®-based products are rapidly absorbed foliarly and are effective on plants not only through traditional treatments but also with low water volumes used. We are not just talking about wheat or other crops where very low watering volumes are already used, but Gelamin®-based products are also particularly effective on bananas with aerial applications, where water is reduced to 40-50 liters/hectare. ILSA is also experimenting with drone applications, which require only 20 liters/hectare of water, with results that we are eagerly awaiting.
  • They are completely miscible with any product, including copper, sulfur, or other phytopharmaceuticals, thanks to their low salinity, low pH, and low sodium and chlorine content. In this way, there is no need to specifically apply another intervention for foliar fertilization, but this can be given together with the phytosanitary treatment, reducing the number of applications and therefore the amount of water used.
  • They increase the effectiveness of the products with which they are mixed and ensure the positive result of the treatment even in limiting climatic situations, such as shortly before rainfall. Tests carried out by the ILSA agronomic service (available on request at this link) demonstrate that, by simulating a certain volume of runoff (rain), Gelamin®-based products increase the foliar absorption of the applied mixture, thanks to the carrier and adhesive action of amino acids and oligo-peptides from enzymatic hydrolysis. This allows for not having to redo the treatment after rainfall (which generally undermines the effectiveness of treatments) and thus saving water.

In conclusion, ILSA products based on Gelamin® not only offer tangible benefits to crops but also actively contribute to the conservation of water resources, a crucial objective for addressing current environmental challenges.