AIAB Organic Certification Renewed for ILSA

In a context where the use of technical means in organic farming is sometimes ambiguous and legally complex, ILSA reaffirms itself as a benchmark for transparency and credibility.


(Arzignano, Vicenza) QCertificazioni, the body responsible for verifying the correct application of the standards required by the Italian Association of Organic Agriculture (AIAB), has recently renewed the AIAB Technical Means certification for ILSA.

Chiara Manoli, Regulatory Manager at ILSA, emphasizes the importance of ensuring regulatory clarity and transparency in the sector, considering that "the scope of using technical means in organic agriculture remains often ambiguous and, from a regulatory perspective, not always clear." Manoli, who is also President of ECOFI, the consortium that brings together the leading European producers of organic fertilizers, adds: "In Italy, fortunately, we have clear regulations that list various organic products as well as an online register." Manoli further highlights: "The role of a third-party certifier remains strategic for verifying compliance with AIAB standards, and having this certification renewed is a sign of transparency and credibility on the part of ILSA."

In addition to the range of commercial products, ILSA also offers AIAB-certified matrices, representing added value in the B2B market. "This is certainly an aspect that should be further emphasized and could create a sort of supply chain certification for those industrial producers who choose ILSA matrices as the basis for their products," says Manoli.

The AIAB Technical Means certification, promoted by the Italian Association of Organic Agriculture, provides an important guarantee for organic farmers regarding the compliance of the products used. Since 2017, ILSA has integrated its environmental certifications with this standard, which also includes ethical and social aspects.