ILSA revamps brand and grows in green technologies

New brand and The green evolution pay-off unveiled


From today, ILSA presents itself with a new brand as a sign of its evolution towards more advanced biotechnologies. From the extraction of pure plant molecules, using technology borrowed from pharmaceutical and food sectors, to the imminent doubling of new liquid production plants, here are the latest stages of a journey that has pushed the company to give itself a makeover and discontinue the "Agrotechnologies" slogan after two decades of use.

The old pay-off is replaced by the new "The green evolution".

Today, new plant products, extracted using methods that are unique worldwide, allow the company to extend its business to the nutraceutic and cosmetic sectors and call for the expression of a new corporate philosophy with a pay-off that is not limited to evoking the agricultural sector alone. The immediate next step is the development of new extraction and enzymatic hydrolysis facilities devoted exclusively to plant lines. The new production lines will enable ILSA to differentiate its business and increase the production of bio-stimulants and specific action products capable of acting on the secondary metabolism of plants.

The new line of plant origin products will be named VIRIDEM®.

New technologies make it possible to extract molecules from various plant sources (e.g. Fabaceae) which, kept intact, are able to fortify cultivations and increase their resistance to stress.
No other sector operator is currently able to produce such products. For these special products, ILSA is equipping itself with a new and exclusive network of agents-consultants. Extracting pure vegetable molecules to produce special products that are highly efficient on plants has been the leitmotif of the ILSA operating philosophy for the past 22 years.
Far from being a sudden change, it is an evolution that has been taking place since 1993, the year in which ILSA inaugurated its first facility for enzymatic hydrolysis and launched a series of lengthy research projects in the field of biotechnology and bio-stimulation, with the goal, reached in 2013, of legalising and presenting the agricultural world with the first products in this new family.