ILSA laboratory accredited according to EN / ISO 17025 standards

The first Italian company in the fertiliser sector


, the only Italian body authorised to carry out accreditation for testing and calibration laboratories, and whose certifications are valid throughout Europe, has recently granted accreditation to ILSA’s in-house laboratory for all 5 parameters required by the company. This is one among few cases in Italy of a in-house company laboratory to be granted ACCREDIA accreditation in the fertilizers field. Generally, it is private laboratories, whose mission is to produce analyses, that undergo procedures to acquire accreditation to then be able to issue valid certificates, recognised at European level.

This is not the case with ILSA, which has decided to put itself forward in a bid to ensure the basic chemical parameters of its fertilisers to both its farmers and industrial partners, in an even more rigorous way. ILSA can now certify the total levels of nitrogen and carbon, as well as levels of nitrate and ammoniacal nitrogen, allowing it to provide tested and verified data, contributing to the advancement of even more efficient forms of agriculture.

In photo, from left, Ilaria Tabarelli, Franco Campanaro and Alfonso Iannone, the corporate team that dedicated themselves, since 2012, to the accreditation process.