Assofertilizzanti Quality Trademark awarded to ILSA again for 2016


Ilsa has been awarded again the Assofertilizzanti Quality Trademark for 2016. The outcome of inspection has been positive and Certiquality, the company responsible for verifying the compliance of companies with the specifications set by Assofertilizzanti, has notified Ilsa that it is entitled to that certification for 2016. Such trademark, introduced by the trade association to identify the companies that voluntarily undergo fraud prevention checks and prove to be focused on constant production process improvement, falls within a wider quality project aimed at discouraging behaviours not in line with industrial ethics. Its purpose, in fact, is to implement a programme of checks aimed at verifying the labelling system to assess the completeness and correctness of the indications contained in it and, afterwards, at laboratory characterisation of fertilisers tested.

“It is a further guarantee of quality for our partners and customers, - explains Paolo Girelli, the Ilsa chairman -, it guarantees that our products comply with the requirements of the Assofertilizzanti specifications”. “Our commitment to protect our farmers’ economy and the health of crops, environment and men, - states Girelli -, also passes through these checks we willingly undergo”. The Ilsa “system” is certified compliant to the ISO 9001 quality standard, the ISO 14001 environment standard and the ISO 50001 energy management standard (first Italian SME in the industry ever to obtain this certification). It is part of Responsible Care, an international chemical industry programme that in its 20th report mentioned ILSA as a case of excellence, because of its innovative analysis of the Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) and the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), by which it verifies environmental performance in compliance with Recommendation 2013/179/UE. Thanks to this analysis, it has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Product Stewardship award by Federchimica.

Ilsa has always been aiming at reusing renewable raw materials to create products rich in natural bioactive molecules and containing slow-release nitrogen, so reducing the required dosage of its products and environmental impact, and increasing agronomic efficiency. It invests 7% of its turnaround in research, supports innovative projects in close collaboration with the most brilliant minds of Italian and global biotechnology and creates specific biostimulants according on crop and pedoclimatic conditions. The common thread is always “from nature, for nature”. Ilsa supports low-impact and high-efficiency agriculture to ensure quality food also to the next generations, preserving the planet.