ILSA will attend the XIth NATIONAL MEETING


The XIth national meeting promoted by the Italian Phytopharmaceutical and Environment Research Group and the International Association of Humic Substances Society (ILO) will be held from 6th to 8th June in Syracuse.  Academic and business worlds interweave their skills for a harmonious development of knowledge and for a better planning of their activities.  ILSA will be present at the opening day on June 6th at 12.40 pm with a speech titled "Company and Research: Synergies and Field Feedback" curated by Clizia Franceschi and Matteo Graiff, representing ILSA's R&D and Agronomical Departments respectively.

The key topic of the meeting will be the organic substance which is of particular interest for its multiple roles because, while it plays a key role in biological and chemical regulation of the bioavailability of nutrients, with obvious effects on plant productivity, it has, on the other side, a fundamental importance in the control of environmental pollution, restoration of industrial sites and prevention of desertification processes.