From Chile, the ILSA development plans in South America


South America is a "fertile soil" for Ilsa, which, thanks to the Chilean ECR Ltda, a strategic partner (it is an associated company to the Ilsa Group, based in Arzignano, Italy, which holds 20% of ECR capital) and also an exclusive sale agent of fertilizers and biostimulants produced by the Venetian company, has increased its sales by 16.5% over the same period last year. An expansion achieved thanks to the Chilean network, which was able to provide a strategic technical and commercial support to the South American farmers, who had greeted the innovative bio-stimulants produced by Ilsa.

Last 4 March, the ECR Annual General Meeting, which was held in Santiago at the presence of all Chileans, Italians, and Brazilians members, approved the 2016 balance and the budget 2017. The latter shows a strong growth trend in Ilsa product sales to a further increase of 76% compared to the year that just ended.

The assembly has retained the earnings of 2016 to increase the capital. Paolo Girelli and Paola Piona were the representatives of the Italian shareholders at the meeting. "We are delighted to have found a partner able to promote the distinctive features of our products to the Chilean farmers", said Paolo Girelli, president of Ilsa, who also added, "the decision to reinforce company assets in terms of capital and human resources derives from the belief shared by all the shareholders that the Chilean and Peruvian markets can offer great growth in terms of group margins; we do not have to forget that through ECR, we will be able to sell Biolchim and Cifo products as well to the Andean market."

Ilsa’s direct presence in South America dates back to 2008 when Ilsa Brasil was founded in Puerto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. It was an immediate successful expansion aided also by partnerships with several Latin American universities for the testing and appropriate checks on the Ilsa products related to different climatic conditions. Further, recently Ilsa just registered its twelfth product in Brazil, and the growth opportunities in vast and highly agricultural intensity territories such as the South American ones are huge. With the agreement recently signed by Ilsa with the Biolchim group, which has a strong and motivated commercial network in the Brazilian market, the growth will see a decisive acceleration.