ILSA Convention 2018: A rosy (and green) future


The ILSA 2018 Convention, that traditionally takes place in January, has just ended in Trani and looks positive for the year that we just entered. Trani was an opportunity for many network agents to visit the ILSA Mediterraneo production plant. The commercial network has many strategic cards to play, beginning with four new products that were recently launched, which expanded the range of organic agriculture products.

The growing trend of organic products is unstoppable and ILSA looks with confidence at it, being so close to the company’s vision of a highly sustainable and simultaneously efficient agriculture. The three-day event, that witnessed the entire organization being engaged in a thorough analysis of the results, was highly encouraging. It also presented an opportunity to discuss strategies for the future.

Among these, a particular emphasis was given to certain products, especially liquids, calibrated on the needs of individual crops. Another aspect that was discussed was the continuing overseas expansion with significant success in Latin America, where the company has a production plant and a well-articulated commercial network.