The nutrition plan is generated online

Ilsa launches a web tool to provide farmers with personalised intervention plans


A tool that provides farmers with personalised intervention plans with its line-up of fertilizers and biostimulants is now available online on the new Ilsa website. Designed and managed by Ilsa’s agronomic service, it allows you to identify the correct strategy for your crops, taking into consideration the specific cultivation and pedo-climatic conditions that the farmer is requested to report by filling in the answers in a specific questionnaire.

It is a service that is specifically thought to provide extra consultancy to farmers in addition to the continuous advice that is provided, the several agronomic training activities and the general intervention plans that are already available in the website’s ‘Media’ section.

The ‘Request the plan’ box is available in the ‘Products’ and ‘Crops‘ section. By accessing it, you will find that in addition to the characteristics of the crops, other important indicators are requested such as the kind of cultivation, either biological or conventional, the type of fertilization generally implemented and the cultivation substrate in order to accurately determine the specific nutritional needs. However, there’s even more. Thanks to the natural biostimulants derived from the Viridem® programme that are designed to address specific plant stresses, Ilsa is also able to provide recommendations for particular problems, such as leaf chlorosis, a stunted vegetative growth, the problem of poor rooting or fruit setting, late ripening or even fruits that tend to crack. Ilsa’s agronomists provide guidelines for all these specific problems.

The tool also takes into account the following wishes of farmers: increase in yield, calibre, Brix degrees, increased shelf life, reduction of the level of nitrates and the ensuring the advancement and concurrence of ripening. The farmer can thus obtain an intervention plan, resulting from a careful evaluation of the entire dossier.

The assistance already provided by the agronomists and the company’s distribution network is thus facilitated, speeded up and enhanced, aiming to improve the service provided to farmers by facilitating a virtual and professional support.