ILSA at Acorbat 2018 presents its fertilizers and biostimulants for tropical fruits


From May 2 to 4 Ilsa is attending Acorbat, in Miami, the flagship event for market operators specialized in the cultivation and marketing of bananas. Ilsa presents its mix of solutions for the cultivation of tropical fruits and for the banana tree, in particular, it recommends its organic and organo-mineral fertilizers based on AGROGEL® hydrolysed gelatin for agricultural use, with a high content of nitrogen and organic carbon. In fertigation, it suggests intervening with its fertilizers based on GELAMIN® and its biostimulants of vegetal origin of the VIRIDEM® programme.

These are unique matrices obtained with exclusive processes, such as enzymatic hydrolysis and supercritical CO2 extraction, which allow having high contents of organic nitrogen and amino acids in a predominantly left-handed form, and to effectively extract the molecules with biostimulating action, such as triacontanol, vitamins, phenolic compounds and other bioactive molecules, strategic to have resistant and productive plants.

Come and visit us: Stand A47. Drop us a line for more information and to arrange an appointment.