A more uniform ripening for your fruit and vegetable productions with the ILSA nutritional specialties


For the purposes of production, fruit ripening is very important, a complex phenomenon which involves shape, appearance, colouring, physical-chemical characteristics and organoleptic properties. Among the major changes that occur in the fruit during ripening, the colour and sugar content are very important.

In fact, nowadays collecting fruit with a degree of ripeness that meets the high aesthetic and quality standards required by the market is increasingly at risk. It is therefore necessary to reduce the depreciation and waste due to non-uniform mature fruits and with a sugar content that falls outside commercial standards.

The ILSA bioavailable potassium-based nutritional specialties are an economically sustainable solution to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Potassium is one of the main elements for the plant. Its, now well-known, activity which promotes the ripening processes is only one of the many purposes that it carries out on the physiology of the plant. In fact, potassium also has a very important osmo-regulating activity and contributes directly to regulating the opening and closing mechanisms of the stomata; therefore it is an essential element for the plant’s water balance. However, it is an element not easily managed, the amount of potassium absorbed by plants is strongly influenced by numerous factors, such as the content of the element in plant tissues or the concentration of potassium and antagonist ions in the circulating solution.

It is precisely in order to overcome the difficulties related to the absorption of potassium and to maximise the effectiveness of the potassic nutrition that the ILSA laboratory has created Ilsagrader. Unique on the market, Ilsagrader is the ILSA nutritional specialty created to optimise the potassium supply to crops via the leaves, as no other formula can do. The research centre and the agricultural department of ILSA have developed a new vegetable co-formulant available in Ilsagrader which is able to complex and convey potassium, significantly improving its leaf absorption. Ilsagrader therefore possesses a high leaf assimilability, it provides potassium and nitrogen in the forms most usable by plants, ensuring a nutritional effect unique on the market.

Ilsagrader is also enriched with a specific amino acid and with extremely pure polysaccharides which provide an important support action against water and salt stresses, intensifying the stimulating activity of the product and helping to promote the colouring and increase of the sugar content of fruit and vegetables during the final stages of the production cycle. Its characteristics of extreme purity, low salinity, absence of chlorides and sodium, ensure Ilsagrader is also the ideal fertiliser for sensitive species and for the nutrition programs of off-soil crops.

In summary, Ilsagrader:

  • Promotes the formation of colouring pigments and aromas typical of the cultivated variety; therefore, there will be a uniformity of ripening and an early harvest;
  • Promotes the synthesis and translocation of sugars to ripening fruits and seeds; therefore, there will be an increase in the sugar content of the fruit;
  • Optimises osmotic and transpiration processes by limiting the problems related to water and salt stresses; therefore there is no stoppage or alteration of the ripening process;
  • May be mixed with all synthetic products on the market (phytosanitary, hormonal, minerals, etc.); therefore fewer cultivation interventions in the field with a consequent saving of time and costs;
  • Prevents nutritional plant diseases due to a lack of potassium, therefore, vigorous plants and well-nourished fruits will be achieved.

Ilsagrader should be administered via the leaves from the veraison phase at a dosage of 2.5-3 (kg/ha) for 2-3 applications every 10-12 days.

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