Actinidia: ILSADRIP FERRO and ILSAMIN MULTI in post-harvest to prevent Iron chlorosis and favor a better start-up in the spring


Iron chlorosis is the main nutritional physiopathy of actinidia in alkaline-calcareous soils and can result in significant qualitative loss of production and a reduction in the economic life of the orchard. The need to use low environmental impact nutrition formulas remains one of the best control strategies for iron chlorosis. During the early stages of vegetative re-growth, in fact, roots are often inactive due to low soil temperatures. This means that the plant has to use the accumulated resources during the previous year to reactivate and sprout. Therefore, maintaining the high radical efficiency between post-harvesting and pre-abscission of leaves is undoubtedly the best way to close the annual production cycle. In fact, all the metabolites produced at this stage, no longer being the fruits to be fed, will increase the reserves that the plant will use in the coming season for vegetative re-growth.

For this reason, Ilsa recommends ILSADRIP FERRO and ILSAMIN MULTI in these last phases of the cultivation cycle of actinidia.
Thanks to these two products that the leaves remain green and efficient and the resources are reintegrated during the fruiting phase.

ILSADRIP FERRO, one of Ilsa's nutritional specialty, Gelamin® based, with organic nitrogen and iron, complexed by left-handed amino acids, is the ideal solution; thanks to its high-nutritional efficiency and absorption by the plant. ILSADRIP FERRO fertilizer applications, combined with ILSAMIN MULTI, with a high-nutrition content of Gelamin® and microelements, improve the photosynthetic efficacy of post-harvest actinidia and promote the accumulation of reserves, with net benefits at the beginning of the following year.

The unique properties of the Gelamin® matrix, obtained through a Fully Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis (FCEH®) in a controlled environment, play a role in stimulating the physiological and biochemical processes related to photosynthesis and synthesis of metabolites. The iron chlorosis is thus prevented and, during the vegetative re-growth, a more long-lasting greening and a greater availability of plant-reserve substances are guaranteed.

These two formulations have been obtained from a natural hydrolysis process without the use of solvents, high temperature or chemical reagents, and with production processes with low CO2 emissions.

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