ILSA explains its trigeneration plant in an Energindustria conference


"Cogeneration: technology and case history" is the title of an educational event that aims to present the functions and advantages of cogeneration for the self-production of electrical and thermal energy. It is organized by Energindustria on the 28th of November, 2018 at the Palazzo Bonin Longare in Vicenza. The panel of speakers includes Ilsa’s industrial director, Franco Cavazza, who has been invited to present the trigeneration plant that was set up by the company in 2014.

It is a system that is able to simultaneously produce electricity, heat, and refrigeration from natural gas. This plant, in addition to producing all the electrical energy necessary for the needs of the Arzignano plant, concurs at the same time to recover the heat produced by the engine for technological and civil uses. This heat is in fact recovered through appropriate energy recovery systems, and it is used in the production of steam at 9 bar (necessary during the thermal and enzymatic hydrolysis phases), for the production of chilled water at 7 °C (also used for environmental purposes within the production process) and for the production of domestic hot water and winter heating.