Chiara Manoli, responsible for the Ilsa regulatory area, has been elected vice-president of ECOFI


(Brussels). ECOFIThe European Consortium of the Organic-Based Fertiliser Industry – changed its leadership. Since December 7, 2018, at the elective assembly, Chiara Manoli is vice president. She graduated in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Padua in 2010. Thereafter, she joined Ilsa as a researcher in 2012, becoming responsible for the regulatory area over the years, particularly taking care of the product registration and certifications for organic farming. Since 2014, Manoli has been responsible for representing ECOFI in the working group of the European Commission in charge of drafting the new law on fertilizers.

Her important contributions while implementing the new community regulation on fertilizers has greatly concurred to her important appointment. Moreover, Chiara Manoli is a mother of a two-year-old. French Quentin Protsenko is the elected president. Paolo Girelli, the Ilsa president states the following: "A fully deserved nomination for Chiara, for her professionalism and commitment, and for her great capacity for dialogue with the European institutions".

From the left: Felice Lo Faso ( past president), Quentin Protsenko, Oliver Derome ( past vice president ), Chiara Manoli.