Drawn from the ILSA experience, "ILVERDE" for those who adopt the Demeter standard


Drawing on ILSA’s extensive experience comes an innovative nutritional product, 100% of plant origin, “GMO free”, slow release, ideal for farmers who engage in organic farming and have chosen to follow specific production standards, such as Demeter. The fertiliser, in fact, has been included in the European list of products for organic agriculture (available at the following link www.inputs.eu) by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture “FiBL”.
The product, named by ILSA ILVERDE, is also on the Demeter International list of organic farming products (a list published by the same FiBL), as it meets the requirements defined by the Demeter standard for fertilisers.

In addition to complying with the requirements of the aforementioned manufacturing regulations, ILVERDE responds above all to the nutritional needs of plants; it is a fertiliser rich in potassium (NPK 3-6-12 + Calcium and Sulphur), which exerts its nourishing effect over a long period of time, allowing the soil to always have available all the elements which are essential for a healthy development of your crops.

ILVERDE is particularly suitable for fertilising fruit plants such as citrus fruit plants, grapevines and stone fruit plants, vegetable, floricultural and industrial crops. The special ratio (1: 2: 4) between its elements has been specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of the plants, both during the initial stages of their vegetative development and during those of maximum growth and fruit ripening. ILVERDE contains Macro and Meso elements. The Nitrogen in a completely organic form, allows to create a supply of nourishment in the soil, always available to the plant, resulting in a beneficial optimisation and a reduction of fertilising operations. The Phosphorus promotes the formation and proliferation of root hairs resulting in greater soil probing and promotes and facilitates the lignification of plant tissues.  
Potassium stimulates the synthesis of the pigments and of the aromatic substances which are found in fruits and flowers, resulting in their intense and brilliant colour; it also regulates perspiration and acts on the well-being of the plant. Calcium promotes the thickening of tissues and gives fruits a greater consistency and resistance to handling. Finally, Sulphur acts directly on soil acidity, improving its capacity to absorb nutrients. The pellets of which the product is composed have a diameter of 4 (mm), an ideal condition to allow homogeneous applications, avoiding waste and losses, including when using the typical fertiliser spreaders.

Let's briefly review what the main benefits that ILVERDE offers are:

    • "GMO Free" fertiliser, added by the "FiBL" (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture) to the European List of Organic Farming Products and in the Demeter International List of Organic and Biodynamic Products;
    • Ease of use, as it is suitable for all fertiliser spreaders, enables avoiding product waste and allows a great uniformity of distribution;
    • It provides essential macro and meso elements during the crop cycle of the plants, favouring a vegetative-productive growth of the plant itself (formation of root hairs/shoots and fruit ripening);
    • It acidifies the rhizosphere and increases nutritional efficiency, facilitating the absorption of the other nutrients in the layer probed by the root system (Fe, Mg, etc.), thus allowing to prevent any nutritional plant diseases;
  • Released slowly into soil and not subject to leaching, it allows reducing fertilisation operations and safeguarding soil biodiversity.

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