ILSAMIN N90, natural biostimulant to tackle the weedings stress


(Arzignano) Post-emergence weeding treatments represent a particularly delicate moment for the cultivation of cereal and industrial crops. The weeding, although selective towards the infesting flora, temporarily provokes a cease of the vegetative growth on the main crop and creates a stressful situation that can negatively affect the final yield.

To improve the effectiveness of the weeding and to favor a quick recovery of the plants from the stress of the treatment, Ilsa recommends ILSAMIN N90 – a natural biostimulant obtained by an enzymatic hydrolysis process (FCEH®) that guarantees a high percentage of free amino acids, predominantly in a left-handed form, with a positive action on the plant metabolism.

ILSAMIN N90  is a 100% natural biostimulant in a liquid formulation allowed in organic farming and is suitable for foliar treatments on plants subject to environmental, chemical or physiological stress. The organic component provides nitrogen in a highly assimilable form, capable of improving the physiological and productive processes of plants. Moreover, the presence of specific biologically active amino acids (Glycine, Asparagine, Proline, Serine, Glutamic Acid, etc.) in the organic matrix allows the formulation to act positively on protein synthesis, photosynthetic process and nitrogen translocation processes, favouring the recovery of the normal biochemical functions of the plant and preventing leaf yellowing.

ILSAMIN N90 is compatible with most weeding treatments present in the market, used in association with post-emergence treatments at a dose of 1.5-2 (Kg / ha).

The experience with sweet corn (Zea mays):

Agronomic tests carried out in Chile in 2015 reconfirmed the efficiency of ILSAMIN N90 in promoting the recovery of the vegetative vigour of corn plants in stress treatment situations with post-emergence herbicide. During the foliar treatment, the Ilsa biostimulant ILSAMIN N90 was associated with the herbicide at a dose of 2 (L / ha).


From the biometric surveys, it can be deduced that Ilsamin N90 as compared to the witness favored:

  • A more immediate vegetative growth of plants after treatment with the herbicide;
  • An increase in production (figure 1), corresponding to a commercial yield increase by 65% as compared to the witness.

Figure 1: Final yield and commercial yield, ILSA thesis blue stacked bars, corporate thesis red stacked bars.

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