CIS 2019: ILSA is sponsoring the “Chemistry meets Bioeconomy” Workshop on August the 29th


Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) in collaboration with European Chemical Society (EuChemS), Federchimica (the Italian Federation of the chemical industry), Farmindustria (Italian Association of pharmaceutical companies) and the support of Italian Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology (INSTM) and Italian Association of Science & Technology of Macromolecules (AIM) invite you to attend to CIS 2019 ( Salerno – 28,30 August 2019), a new international event opening a new perspective in the interaction between research, industry and society in the field of chemistry.

Within the conference, ILSA is sponsoring the “Chemistry meets Bioeconomy” Workshop that will be held on August the 29th. It will be the occasion to present “Silverskin: from waste to a renewable source of bioactive compounds” a project which has been developed by the Department of Environmental Science and Policy, University of Milan, CNR-ISTM and ILSA with the contribution of Rita Nasti, Federica Zaccheria, Franco Cavazza ( ILSA Industrial Director), Nicoletta Ravasio, Luisella Verotta. Info at www.progettocirco.it.

The main topics of the “Chemistry meets Bioeconomy” workshop are:

  • Chemistry, reuse and new economy
  • Chemistry, Biomasses and Waste valorisation
  • Expanding Chemistry using Biotechnologies
  • From crop protection and food production to food and residues valorization