LIFE BIOPOL green biopolymers will be showcased during the IULTCS conference in Dresda


LIFE BIOPOL will be showcased during one of the most important international event in the field of chemistry and technology for the leather sector, the IULTCS which will be held in Dresda, from the 25th to the 28th of June. The project will be presented by Lorenzo Taddei, R&D officer at CODYECO, among the sponsoring partners of the project with ILSA, the University of Venice and the Spanish tanneries Dercosa and Inpelsa.

The main objective of the LIFE BIOPOL project was to identify a new class of biopolymers that represent an innovative and ecological alternative to the traditional petrochemical-based products currently used in tanning processes. After 23 months of activity, LIFE BIOPOL has produced a wide range of biopolymers using plant and animal biomass. Application tests have shown how the new biopolymers, used in wet-end processes, can be used to bring multiple effects to leather. In fact, this new technology makes it possible to obtain different types of articles using bovine, ovine and crust leather.

Particularly relevant are the performances of biopolymers derived from agro-industrial by-products which have simultaneously shown fattening and retaining characteristics. Furthermore, the new biopolymers have made it possible to obtain hides with better physical performances than those produced with the use of traditional products. The innovations brought by LIFE BIOPOL represent innovative proposals to consolidate and qualify the world of leather processing.