ILSA to launch its new production plant in the South of Brazil


(Portão, Brasile) With the increasing demand of ILSA fertilizers for sustainable agriculture in South America, the company is boosting its production capacity thanks to a new high-tech plant.

The new ILSA plant will start its production by the end of June 2019. The new industrial plant has been built in Rio Grande Do Sul a few kilometres away from the previous one, which has been operational since 2009. At the current production of 22,000 tons of organic fertilizers, 30,000 tons per year of organic mineral fertilizers will be added, bringing the company's production capacity to a total of 52,000 tons annually. The construction of new plants for the production of liquid fertilizers is also expected. The entire ILSA's production of Rio Grande Do Sul will be marketed across Central and South America.

The formulations that will be manufactured in the new plant have been devised to address the needs of Brazilian and other Latin American countries' agriculture industry. ILSA has developed these new products remaining faithful to its strategy of producing efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizers.

ILSA BRASIL fertilizers, similar to those of the entire ILSA group, are the results of research and cutting-edge production technologies made available to the company, which operates under controlled thermal and enzymatic hydrolysis processes, up to the extraction of natural molecules with CO2 supercritical fluid extraction. The highly-automatized new plants will produce 24 hours per day and occupy upwards of 40 employees at full capacity, many of whom have already joined the staff. With these new hires, the number of ILSA's employees in Rio Grande Do Sul is 55.

The total investment was worth $ 3 million. The building occupies an area of ​​30 thousand square meters with a covered area of ​​4,800 square meters.  It will soon also become the representative office of the ILSA group in Brazil. "The authorization processes were very rapid because the institutions took cognisance of the sustainability of the operation from a circular economy perspective", -according to Thiago Stella de Freitas, the marketing manager of ILSA BRASIL

ILSA group in the country is also engaged in a variety of social responsibility initiatives linked particularly to the biodiversity conservation. With ILSA SOLIDARIA, it works in parallel with the administration of Portão in order to reactivate a greenhouse that had fallen into disuse and which currently houses the cultivation of various native species of plants and flowers, fruit trees as well as medicinal plants.
A heritage of biodiversity ILSA is committed to maintaining and promoting the conservation of these species that are studied by many schools of the region.

These, are also involved in intense meetings - programmes promulgated by the company with the aim of spreading knowledge about sustainable agriculture and appropriate use of resources, starting from water. Finally, ILSA BRASIL has assigned a slot of agricultural area for the use of administrators and employees, along with their family, for the cultivation and harvesting of fruit as well as vegetables for self-production.