The plan to strengthen the ILSA’s Research Centre (Centro Ricerche Aziendale C.R.A.) continues


Among the new equipment purchased, a brand-new mass gas chromatograph deserves to be mentioned; with this investment, ILSA's R&D department has equipped itself with a strategic tool for identifying and quantifying the organic substances present in its matrices. The quality of the extracts generated by the enzymatic hydrolysis and extraction processes in supercritical CO2 can be accurately assessed.

How does it work? Dr. Alfonso Iannone, head of the laboratory explains, "The gas chromatograph separates the compounds present in the sample while the mass spectrometer acts as a detector. This technique is one of the most advanced analytical methods for the identification and quantification of organic substances in a variety of matrices."
ILSA will then perfect the analysis processes of its active compounds which are useful for the formulation of innovative bio stimulant products for plants, but which can also be strategic if we look at sectors such as cosmetics, nutraceuticals and green construction materials.