ILSA at the Climate Positive Farming Conference


Chiara Manoli, head of ILSA's regulatory affairs department, will deliver a speech on the 29th of January within the Climate Positive Farming conference, which has been promoted by ELO, the European Landowners' Organization.

In its annual conferences, ELO analyses the major challenges facing agriculture in Europe. For the 2020 edition, the organisation aims to understand the manner in which agricultural innovation can contribute to achieving the objectives set by the Paris climate agreement.The speakers will introduce the solutions that are being developed.

In addition, Chiara Manoli will deliver a speech about the ILSA biostimulants deriving from the company’s hydrolysis processes, with a focus on their help for plants to overcome environmental stresses and promote sustainability. To ILSA, the sustainable approach begins before the field, owing to the use of raw materials derived from other supply chains and its environmentally-friendly production processes.