Solid fertilizer process

FCH®: Fully Controlled Hydrolysis

AGROGEL®, the first and only hydrolysed gelatin for agricultural use, is obtained from the FCH® process.

The thermal hydrolysis of collagen occurs within rotating type autoclave reactors; the process is developed in three subsequent phases having different durations and operating conditions, i.e. at distinct and controlled temperatures and pressures.

The output of hydrolysed gelatinous material from the four reactors is sent to the continuous drying plant inside which, in a controlled environment at low temperature (100-120 °C), the collagen is finally converted into gelatin for agricultural use.

During this phase of drying, moisture, drying temperature and speed of extraction of the AGROGEL® hydrolysed gelatin are continually and automatically regulated and monitored, so as to obtain a homogeneous and standardised product, characterised by the presence of protein chains of different sizes, according to a pre-established pattern, such as to allow a transfer of nitrogen to the soil and naturally mediated by micro-organisms.

The mode of transfer, already determined in the production phase, allows AGROGEL® to meet the agronomic needs of crops according to the curves of absorption of nutrients.