The progress made by research

The internal research centre of the company is equipped with all the latest technologies for analytical characterisation and the execution of bioassays and climatic tests, so that a first screening of the prototypes made during the design phase is carried out. Then, studies conducted at the most prestigious universities and tests performed in fields and greenhouses, carried out at selected test facilities, allow to better understand and accurately select the products that guarantee the best performance.

This rigorous and challenging itinerary, that starts from the initial idea and intuitions, up to the market, involves 12 selection steps. 

Identification of the renewable source matrix, verification and availability

Identification of the compounds (target substances) 

Raw material of plant origin: Identification of phenological phase in which the plant produces more bioactive compounds and target substances 
Raw material of animal origin: Verification of the standardisation of the amino acid profile

Chemical-physical characterisation of the matrix and substances  

Adjustment of the parameters of the most efficient and effective production process for preserving the integrity of the compounds (target substances)   

Laboratory testing and characterisation of the prototype 

Testing in growth chamber 

Testing in a controlled environment or greenhouse 

Testing in the open field 

Identification of the effects, doses and benefits of the final product 

Approval of launch plan and industrial start-up 

Product packaging and launch