ECOdesign and recycling of DPI (Personal Protective Equipment) in a circular industrial supply chain (acronym EcoDPI)

ECOdesign and recycling of DPI (Personal Protective Equipment) in a circular industrial supply chain (acronym EcoDPI)

Regional Innovative Networks involved

Financing amount of the project
Contribution granted: euro 2.029.972,00
Expenditure allowed: euro 2.999.460,00 

Purpose of the project 

The general objective of the project is the enhancement of waste from the use of personal protective equipment (henceforth PPE), including healthcare.

The goal is pursued by studying the key phases of a potential circular supply chain for the production of such devices (acquisition of raw material and pre-processes, production, use, end of life), focusing attention on the following specific objectives: 

  • (i) definition of a sustainable production model for the production and management of PPE which, in the context of the COVID19 pandemic, has clearly denounced its absence
  • (ii) integration of specific skills and production capacities now fragmented and dispersed throughout the territory 
  • (iii) production of new knowledge (on topics of greater value such as: eco-design, regenerative materials, waste hierarchy) transferable to different application areas and other production chains
  • (iv) application of the principles of circular economy in an integrated territorial production chain, in accordance with the Circular Economy Action Plan promoted by the EU in order to accelerate the transition indicated by the European Green Deal. 
    Evidently, the study will clarify the criticalities and specific opportunities with respect to the state of the art of knowledge and industrial technologies that are really applicable, with the ultimate goal of indicating specific areas where an industrial investment is convenient in the short, medium and long term.

Phases and activities related to the development of the project

WP-RI-1: Raw materials and secondary raw materials of synthetic origin for recyclable materials

  • Task: 1 Mapping of products on the market
  • Task: 2 Collection / disposal / recycling technologies
  • Task: 3 Recyclable materials

WP-RI-2: Biopolymers for recyclable materials

  • Task 4: State of the art knowledge and technologies available
  • Task 5: Laboratory and pilot scale production of PHA
  • Task 6: Characterization of the PHA produced
  • Task 7: Bio-materials for the conformations of filaments, bio-films or powders for 3D printing

WP-RI-3: Product modification

  • Task 8: Identification of products / processes for the functionalization of PPE
  • Task 9: Optimization of materials and functionalization of products
  • Task 10: Product ecodesign and prototyping
  • Task 11: Recyclability of the entire product (on product prototypes)
  • Task 12: Characterization of recycled materials
  • Task 13: PPE validation and testing

WP-SS-1: Pyrolysis techniques for the industrial valorisation of PPE waste

  • Task 14: Basic data to identify PPE / materials
  • Task 15: Applicable technology definition
  • Task 16: Construction, start-up, testing
  • Task 17: Test on PPE and other matrices

WP-SS-2: Integrated process / product solutions for sterilization

  • Task 18: Integrated process / product solutions for PPE sterilization using peroxide and / or UVC systems
  • Task 19: Detailed design-construction of prototype plants and verification / validation methods
  • Task 20: Process parameters optimization, functional testing, post-treatment PPE analysis / characterization
  • Task 21: Executive design of full scale systems

WP-RI-4: Sustainability of production cycles

  • Task 22: Development of a predictive model
  • Task 23: Validation of the model
  • Task 24: Web application implementation
  • Task 25: LCA, LCC and SLCA studies

Duration of the project

Start: 09/09/2020
Conclusion: 30/12/2022