Commercial policy


targets its sales on two main channels: the industry and the distribution under its own mark. Sales are equally distributed:

Industry has gone along with ILSA since its foundation, while distribution under its own mark dates back to the early 70s at the time of the birth of Fertorganico, which today still is one of its most well-known products. Solid and liquid protein hydrolysates, plant extracts and biostimulants, to be used as such or as raw material, are the product categories bought by industrial customers to which the company offers both a product customisation service and a packaging service.

As to the sales under its own mark, ILSA uses a selected dealer network, in Italy and abroad (nowadays it is present in more than 30 countries). Sales are distributed as:

Each dealer is provided with  a sales manager and a technical manager to address for task planning, operational management and result monitoring. The aim is to offer each dealer excellent pre- and post-sales support to help them differentiate themselves from competitors and spread a culture of really professional, advanced and sustainable agriculture. Promoting our dealers’ growth is a main goal of ours that necessarily relies on providing exclusive and characteristic products and on a strong and lasting partnership.


We think that innovation is such only if it is transformed into objective result. For all market participants, be they farmers or retailers, to have proof of the quality and effectiveness of the products has an utmost importance. That's why we organize on our products’ target crops demonstration fields around the world every year. For farmers being able to access to the results of the technical activities carried out in the field, compared with the standard practice, means gaining confidence in new means for agriculture and this is transformed into purchases increasing the sell-out of ILSA products.


Agriculture is a dynamic and constantly evolving sector that requires specialised skills, also with regard to the introduction of new and increasingly sustainable production techniques. Making those who operate in the agricultural sector aware of their role, not only in economic terms but also in social terms and regarding health and environmental protection, is one of the priorities that ILSA pursues by organising seminars, conferences and training courses intended for traders, technicians in the industry and farmers. ILSA employs an in-house technical structure that is focused on daily spreading of, in addition to product value, agronomic, scientific and technological knowledge, with the aim of helping customers to identify the best technical solutions. ILSA makes demonstration fields and in-field experiments, in Italy and abroad, collaborating with the R&D area. It takes care of collecting, drafting and spreading product and use information while meeting technicians, opinion leaders, resellers and farms to promote a more efficient use of its products.


To better support its customers, ILSA has developed a series of communication tools:

• Website ( )

• Video  (Corporate video, Viridem® video)

• Informative newsletters (Good to know!)

• In-depth dossiers on crops and products

• Reports on the results of in-field activity

• Product data sheet (technical data sheets, safety data sheets, fertilisation plans and application instructions)