Safety and Information Data Sheets

Reach and safety data sheet

ILSA, which takes part in the global project Responsible Care, has always considered it essential, in its operational philosophy, to assess all aspects of any potential risk or danger to human health and the environment which may arise while using and adopting its products, in accordance with the rules of good agricultural practice.
It is for this reason that the vast majority of ILSA products can be classified as “NON HAZARDOUS” in accordance with current legislation (EC Regulation 1272/2008 for substances or Directive 1999/45/EC for preparations and mixtures) for which there is no obligation to draw up and provide a Safety Data Sheet. 

However, in order to provide the users downstream of the distribution chain with all our information on the correct and safe use of our products, we have decided to draw up and make available the Safety Data Sheets and the Information Data Sheets, in accordance with current legislation.


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