• Essential ingredient for the Characterization and personalization of products
  • Increases the potential of biostimolants and fertilizers improving their efficacy


The combination of two unique technologies like FCEH® (Fully Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis) and SFE® (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) and the selection of a wide range of vegetal raw materials led to the TRIACON line. The products of this line can be customized with specific bioactive compounds and Triacontanol 100% natural and plant derived, GMO-free, completely water-soluble that improves the internal metabolism of the plants of existing or brand new products TRIACON is the line of products studied and designed to satisfy the needs of the industries working in the field of fertilizers and biostimulants with the aim to increase the potential of their own products.

TRIACON’s line includes high concentration of plant-derived triacontanol (up to 5000 mg/kg), completely GMO-free, stable and water-soluble.

TRIACON includes the following products according their triacontanol content expressed as mg/kg: 5000, 2500, 200, 100, 10.

Chemical and physical features
  • Natural Triacontanol (mg/kg) 5000, 2500, 200, 100, 10 
Technical data sheets - Certifications - Dossier - Field results and other insights
The Organic Farming ILSA logo certifies that the fertilizer can be used for organic farming.
The Foliar Fertilizer mark highlights the products to be applied on the leaves which are characterized by the safety of use, the low molecular weight and the presence of amino acids mainly in the levorotatory form.
The Fertigation mark highlights specific products for fertigation which are characterized by the purity, the primarily presence of L-Amino acids, and the ease of use.
Products made with a vegetal matrix obtained from hydrolysis and/or extraction originating from yeasts, sugars, algae, fabaceae, etc.