FERTIL 10 and the new range ILSALIFE PLUS are the new entries in the ILSA’s offer for organic farming

These new formulations are ideal for increasing the microbiological fertility of soils during autumn agronomic practices


Organic farming is growing and farmers’ needs are becoming increasingly complex.

Since 1956, ILSA has been committed to the development of a sustainable agriculture and has always responded well, devising new products with high agronomic performance, allowed in organic but also in traditional farming. In this period of the year, several agronomical practises are approaching: sowing of autumn-winter cereals, transplant of winter vegetables in the field and greenhouse vegetables and winter interventions in fruiting systems.

Now is the time for ILSA’s new products to allow effective organic fertilization to improve soil microbiological fertility and increase availability of nitrogen and other macro and meso elements.

The new FERTIL 10 is in the catalogue from today among the organic solid fertilizers for soil application. This product contains 70% of Agrogel®- hydrolyzed gelatin for agricultural use exclusively produced by ILSA.

Agrogel® allows a gradual and balanced release of nitrogen and avoids losses due to leaching and volatilization. In addition to the high nitrogen content (10%), completely organic and bioavailable, FERTIL 10 also contains calcium (8% CaO) and Magnesium (3% MgO) which, together with the high organic carbon content from Agrogel® ( 40% carbon, equal to 70% of quality organic substance brought to the soil), allow to increase the basic fertility of the soil, making FERTIL 10 suitable for both applications at the beginning of the vegetative cycle and in post-harvest.

Which crops is FERTIL 10 good for and when should it be applied?

FERTIL 10 can be applied on a wide spectrum of crops, thanks to its neutral pH and very low salinity. In this period when farmers are preparing the pre-sowing wheat operations, pre-transplanting of vegetables in greenhouses or in winter open fields and post-harvest fertilization of tree crops, this fertilizer represents the ideal solution for any type of terrain.

Its formulation

FERTIL 10 is characterized by a practical pellet formulation that has a very low residual humidity (less than 7%) but have a very high water retention capacity (150%). These characteristics preserve the product without risk of alterations and a rapid disintegration of the pellets in the ground, with just a light rain or irrigation. 

The ILSALIFE range completes the offer of new organic fertilizers

ILSALIFE PLUS START, ILSALIFE PLUS FERRO and ILSALIFE PLUS SULFUR are organic fertilizers based on nitrogen and meso-elements that nourish plants and, at the same time, increase soil fertility and improve its structure, pH and availability of nutrients.

ILSALIFE PLUS START is an NP 4-8 organo-mineral fertilizer based on organic nitrogen and phosphorus. Its high content in calcium (20%) and magnesium (5%), makes it ideal for the application in pre-sowing / transplant of all horticultural crops (in particular the calcium-loving ones) and during the vegetative restart of tree crops, for fruit or for background fertilization of new plants.


ILSALIFE PLUS FERRO is characterized by a high content of organic nitrogen (4%), sulfuric anhydride (11%) and iron (7.5%), among the highest on the market. Therefore, it is optimal to limit any phenomena of chlorosis on particularly sensitive crops and in soils with sub-alkaline pH. Recommended for winter applications on all tree crops or for the preparation of the soil for vegetable crops, ILSALIFE PLUS FERRO stands out for its very high efficiency due to the organic component that favours a gradual release of elements, increasing their availability throughout the vegetative phase when the photosynthetic efficiency must be maximum.


ILSALIFE PLUS SULFUR is a fertilizer based on organic nitrogen (5%) with a high sulfur content (30% sulfuric anhydride) therefore its application is recommended in the presence of alkaline soils or those characterized by high salinity. Its application is recommended in winter for tree crops particularly sensitive to soils with high pH and for the preparation of the soil of all horticultural crops, in particular those that benefit greatly from the presence of sulfur for the final quality aspects.

The natural raw materials and the low environmental impact process with which they are obtained, allow the use of FERTIL 10, ILSALIFE PLUS START, ILSALIFE PLUS FERRO and ILSALIFE PLUS SULFUR in organic farming and as for almost all ILSA fertilizers allowed in bio, these can also be applied in conventional agriculture.


Farmers who choose ILSA products can count on the very high nitrogen release efficiency given by the hydrolyzed Agrogel® gelatin and other elements. This allows them to achieve higher results in comparison to those obtained in traditional agriculture with synthetic mineral fertilizers in terms of both production and quality.