In pre-sowing and under cover, treat the soil with organic and organic-mineral fertilisers based on AGROGEL®, a hydrolysed gelatin for agricultural use with a high organic nitrogen and carbon content. The nitrogen is not dispersed through leaching and volatilisation, so these fertilisers respect the environment and are more cost-effective.

The complexation of the other meso and micro elements with the protein matrix results in a completely natural, steady and modulated release, making even phosphorus, potassium, iron, and sulphur available to the plants for a longer period, limiting immobilisation of the soil. With just two applications, all nutritional requirements of the crop are met, increasing the production yield and the quality of the grain.

For foliar applications, use fertilisers based on GELAMIN®, a hydrolysed gelatin for agricultural use, obtained through an exclusive process, enzymatic hydrolysis, which results in a high organic nitrogen content and amino acids in levorotatory form.

These fertilisers are rapidly absorbed via the leaves and perform a dual function, both nutritional and biostimulating, encouraging optimal plant growth, combined with an anti-stress action which increases the final quality of the grain, in terms of protein content and specific weight. The stability of the matrix, the low salinity and the pH mean it can be mixed with other products, including pesticides, and thus, applied during weeding, fungicide and insecticide treatments.