The new ILSA company profile tells an evergreen story on its 65th birthday


65 years have passed since a young chemist realised that it was possible to extract noble materials from the trimmings of tanned leathers and reuse them in agriculture. The new ILSA Company  Profile (available here www.ilsagroup.com) retraces this exciting story where the theme of biotechnologies capable of enhancing industrial by-products is constantly reaffirmed.

ILSA has the same commitment to a sustainable future today as they did 65 years ago. They continue to focus on the use of renewable raw materials of vegetable and animal origin to obtain nutrition and biostimulation products for organic farming searching for maximum efficiency.

56% of its nutrition products and 59% of biostimulation products are allowed in organic farming.

ILSA has customers in 51 countries around the world and operates through several companies. The main office is in Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza with a second Italian production plant in the Bari area of Molfetta. ILSA Brasil has two industrial facilities in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul and, in Chile, ILSA operates through the ECR Eurocilena company. With the recently established ILSA PCA in Cairo, the group is now looking to develop more efficient agriculture in the African continent.

The ILSA group produces 4.5 million litres of liquid products and 100 thousand tons of solids.

Their trade activities in new territories are always in conjunction with training programmes aimed at technicians, farmers and involve the local academics. ILSA considers training of agricultural workers and students as its responsibility to support and grow a highly sustainable agricultural culture.

In the book section dedicated to new projects, the strategic role of science is reaffirmed. In the 3S4H - Safe, Smart, Sustainable food for Health project - ILSA looks not only at crop efficiency but also at how nutritious these crops are. The results are due to be published mid-2021.

Finally, the entire corporate history of biotechnological research for sustainable development, is summarised in the payoff "The Green Evolution" and reveals a new coherence, thanks to the launch of the ILSAZERO objective.

Following the calculation of its environmental footprint, ILSA has undertaken a commitment to offset its CO2 equivalent with reforestation projects by supporting small agricultural communities and preserving biodiversity.

Started in 2019, ILSAZERO – WE CO2MPENSATE WITH OUR CO2MMITMENT - has already allowed the planting of 3000 fruit trees in Colombia, Guatemala and Thailand.

The aesthetics of the volume? Green and young.

ILSA, a 65-year-old evergreen.