ILSAPOLICOS, roots bio-activator

The Ilsa’s natural biostimulant had led to 27 percent more yields in cucumber crops


Ilsapolicos is one of the natural biostimulants developed by Ilsa within the Viridem® programme – from plants to plants – studied to stimulate, improve and balance the development of the root system. Ilsapolicos is a newly conceived vegetable product derived by supercritical extraction CO2 of Fabaceae for organic farming. Formulated to favour rooting processes, it optimizes the first stages of the crop cycle, especially in post-transplant of horticultural crops (tomato, aubergines, cucumber, etc)It contains specific natural organic molecules – eg, triacontanol – that act positively on the processes of cell division and differentiation. Betaine, organic nitrogen and potassium are particularly effective in favouring the vegetative growth of the plants in post-transplant stress conditions and in supporting the development of adventitious roots and absorbing hairs.

The presence of bioavailable organic carbon constitutes a substrate of nourishment and energy for the soil bacterial flora, which improves the fertility of the horizon explored by the root system. The anchoring of the seedlings is thus significantly enhanced, and a more efficient absorption of nutrients and water is guaranteed. 
Ilsapolicos also has a positive effect on the aerial organs of the plant, improving leaf efficiency, developing new shoots and stimulating, especially in horticultural crops, an early differentiation of flower buds. All these factors translate into a visible reduction of post-implant  failures, and thanks to the positive action on the vegetative apparatus of the plants, in an increase in the final production.

The experience on cucumber

Agronomic tests conducted in 2017 in Tuscany, have affirmed the efficiency of Ilsapolicos in promoting the rooting of cucumber seedlings (Boreal and Caman varieties) during post-transplantation and in stimulating their flowering. Starting from the post-transplantation phase, fertigation operations were performed with Ilsapolicos at a dose of 10 (kg / 14000m2), repeated in every 7-10 days.


From the visual reliefs, it is noted that Ilsapolicos favoured:

  • A good rooting of the plants to the new growth substrate, consequently reducing the failures (Figure 1)
  • A good development and proliferation of the root system in the rhizosphere (Figure 2)
  • Good flower development and fruit formation (Figure 3)

Figure 1: The vegetative growth of cucumber: company's thesis on the left, Ilsa's thesis on the right.

Figure 2 (left): Roots development, Ilsa's thesis.  Figure 3 (right): Entry into cucumber production, Ilsa's thesis.

Ilsapolicos has also been used in post-harvest for:

  • Promoting a rapid recovery of the vegetative-productive activities of plants following post-harvest stress.
  • Stimulating the differentiation of new flower buds, thanks to the content of triacontanol present in the formulation.
  • Increasing the final yield; 14 (kg /m2) equivalent cucumbers were obtained from each harvest (Figure 4) corresponding to a final yield increased by 27% in comparison to the witnessed.

Figure 4: final rendering, Ilsa's thesis in blue histograms and company's thesis in red histograms