Special post-harvest autumn fertilisation with BIOFRUTTETO KS by ILSA


Owing to the intense exploitation of the nutritional resources of tree crops caused by the climatic stress in the summer and usual intense crop removal, during the post-harvest period, the plants may not be able to accumulate the reserves sufficient to guarantee rapid vegetative growth and good fertility of the buds. The poor nutritional support in this phase of intense radical absorption often results in the reduced differentiation of flower buds the following year, low resistance to winter and spring cold and increased sensitivity to various deficiencies.

Biofrutteto KS is a nutritional speciality especially designed and formulated to best address these problems. It is produced by the Fully Controlled Thermobaric Hydrolysis (FCH®) process, with the subsequent reaction between precious organic phytostimulants and high-availability mineral components for the plant.

The organic part, characterised by ‘Agrogel®’, a matrix that only Ilsa is able to produce with bioavailable organic carbon, increases the activity of soil microflora, by improving its biological fertility. The slow-release organic nitrogen in the soil and natural organic acids, especially arginine, are essential for the formation of nutritional reserves.

The other mineral component rich in phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sulfur, all elements with high nutritive efficiency, adequately provides nutritive action and favours the accumulation of reserves in the reserve organs – buds, roots and stem.

Both the components have strong protective functions for nutrients, particularly, phosphorus and iron, by considerably increasing their availability in the soil. The acidifying action of the sulfur present in the formulation further contributes to creating optimal absorption conditions, even in alkaline soils.

The following are the agronomic benefits of Biofrutteto KS:

  • Its use is permitted in organic farming
  • Its high nutritional efficiency allows use at low doses
  • It has ‘modulated’ organic release nitrogen, which is ideal for operations in nitrate-vulnerable areas
  • It makes minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sulfur, totally available and protects them by the immobilisation phenomena, which makes it possible to carry out single fertiliser distribution, thereby enabling the saving of time and money
  • When administered in post-harvest orchards, it increases the nutritive reserves in the plant, by improving the resistance to winter colds and the differentiation of flower buds
  • When administered to the transplant or in the initial phases of the production cycle, it stimulates the formation of new roots and shoots, by increasing the production potential
  • When administered in the central stages of the crop cycle, it supports the development of fruit and vegetables, by improving the quality characteristics such as size, flavour and colour

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