ILVERDE, ILSA’s first solid fertilizer with organic fraction that is 100% of plant origin and GMO-free, is now listed in the EU Inputs for organic farming, published by FiBL and the Demeter International Input List

The independent Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) positively assessed the Ilsa fertilizer for its use in organic and biodynamic farming.


(Arzignano, VI, Italia) Launched by Ilsa at the beginning of 2018 among products for organic farming, ILVERDE has been included in the EU Inputs for organic farming, published by FiBL and the Demeter International Input List.

FiBL is an independent and non-profit research institute, with offices in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The institute's mission is to analyse the suitability of products for organic and biodynamic agriculture and to promote solutions to increase agricultural productivity and sustainability.

ILVERDE has obtained the confirmation of conformity to the EC Regulation 889/2008 and to the Demeter International standard. It is an NPK 3-6-12 fertilizer, 100% of plant origin and GMO-free with organic carbon, sulphur and calcium; it has thus been included in the list of fertilizers that comply with organic farming regulations as a "multi-nutrient fertilizer".

FiBL considers both the regulatory requirements and scientific criteria to include products on its list; moreover, many important organic farmers associations draw up lists of products that comply with their standards by starting from what is indicated by FiBL. This is thus an important recognition for Ilsa, which sees its eco-sustainable approach in the production of natural fertilizers and bio-stimulants being rewarded.

ILVERDE is not only a highly effective fertilizer, it is of 100% plant origin and GMO-free; thus, it is completely natural, an example of eco-sustainable tool of agriculture production with zero environmental impact, thanks to its plant origin and the positive action on soil microorganisms which degrade the organic substance and thus contribute to improving the structure, fertility and health of the earth around the roots. The practical formulation in pellets allows for the distribution to be carried out with common fertilizer spreaders; furthermore, by virtue of the high hygroscopicity, it favours a quick start even in minimum humidity conditions. Applied to the vegetative growth or in pre-seeding and transplantation, it allows an efficient and simultaneously eco-sustainable nutrition.

To the range of liquid plant-based fertilizers and biostimulants, with ILVERDE, Ilsa has added the first solid fertilizer for soil applications, which provides main nutrients in a modulated way, ideal for fruit trees, vines and olive trees. Ilsa thus continues on its path towards providing completely natural, eco-sustainable products with zero environmental impact. In collaboration with BI.OTTO, BIOFRUTTETO KS, and ILSAMIN S, ILVERDE configures the magical quartet of innovative means that have been launched in 2018 and that define a model of agricultural production in great development, which contemplates the use of natural substances and excludes the use of synthetic chemical compositions.