ETIXAMIN BIO-K, Nitrogen and potassium in a high-performance fertilizer for organic farming


ETIXAMIN BIO-K, the new hydrosoluble powder fertilizer with potassium is added to over 90 Ilsa products allowed in organic agriculture.

(Arzignano, Italy) The latest product from the Ilsa research department is a much - needed fertilizer – an efficient nitrogen and potassium organic fertilizer for fertigation and foliar application. ETIXAMIN BIO-K is a formulation containing 9% of whole organic nitrogen and 18% of potassium in powder formulation with high solubility. This product consists of over 50% of total amino acids obtained through an enzymatic (and non-chemical) collagen hydrolysis process. The combination of raw material and production processes ensures that all the amino acids are functional and have a phytostimulanting effect on the plant.

Associated with the well-known Etixamin that is widely used in both horticulture in fruit-growing, ETIXAMIN BIO-K combines the advantages of organic nitrogen, amino acids and organic carbon with a high content of potassium that is completely absorbed by plants, owing to the complex action of these amino acids, thereby carrying out its positive action on flowering, cellular and anti-stress osmotic regulation, fruit development and the regular ripening process.

ETIXAMIN BIO-K is, therefore, an indispensable tool for the farmers who are not allowed to use the classic NPK 20.20.20 in organic farming during the flowering and fruit enlargement phases. The combined action of nitrogen, potassium and sulphur effectively promotes the development and ripening of fruits and allows them to increase their final organoleptic characteristics more than the products allowed only in conventional agriculture.

ETIXAMIN BIO-K provides farmers, both organic and conventional, with an essential input to improve their production and grants Ilsa with yet another primacy, being the first fertilizer with a high content of potassium complexed to amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis that is allowed in organic farming.

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