The AIAB, Italian institution for organic farming, recognises ILSA' s compliance to its standard

Environment and ethics are the cornerstones of the protocol promoted by AIAB, the Italian Organic Agriculture Association, which ensures organic farmers on the quality of technical means


ILSA has added the AIAB technical standard among its environmental certifications since 2017. The AIAB protocol includes ethical and social aspects. The QCertificazioni, a third party entitled to verify the correct application of the AIAB parameters, has recently reconfirmed ILSA's compliance.

Very few companies in Italy can claim this recognition. The lacking regulatory context indicates only raw materials that can be used for manufacturing organic fertilisers, without providing technical information on production procedures or highlighting their relationships with the environmental aspects, ethical principles and the local community, which are relevant when it comes to organic farming to 360 degrees.

ILSA, to comply with the AIAB technical standards, has raised the control processes in all departments, in order to prevent contamination with products destined for traditional agriculture. The disciplinary also commits to respecting criteria concerning the entire company organization, the management and the labelling of products marketed and the effects that its work has on a social, ethical and environmental level.

At the conclusion of a recent audit, compliance with the AIAB technical standards was confirmed for the production of Fertil, Fertorganico, Ilsadrip Forte, Ilsamin N90, Etixamin and Etixamin DF.

ILSA thus reaffirms its commitment to a high environmental sustainability production, which implies using renewable sources and cutting-edge biotechnologies in low-environmental impact industrial premises

This has been a recognition of the effort towards increasingly sustainable and high-efficiency agriculture.

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