NP 3.17 


ILSA H+ is a nutritional formula with acidifying action, surfactant and stabilizing action containing a colour change indicator that colours the water depending on the pH reached: yellow for values greater than 6.0; orange for values 6.0-5.5 and red for values lower than 5.5. The use of ILSA H+ during the preparation of foliar treatments enables to obtain the following advantages:

  • It acidifies the solution to reach pH values of 4.5-5.5 thus avoiding alkaline hydrolysis
  • It stabilizes the active ingredients and the nutritive elements present in the solution, thus favouring their solubilization and effectiveness
  • It determines a lowering of the surface tension, ensuring greater wettability, penetration and diffusion of the substances administered inside the vegetative organs of the plant
  • The formulation is stable and can be used with the main fertilizers, pesticides and plant growth regulators, and it allows for compatibility with other formula mixtures


The ILSA H+ use dosage is based on the pH, hardness and salt content present in the starting water. 40-60 (ml/hl) are sufficient when using fresh waters containing low salt content, instead with very hard water and with high bicarbonate content, the quantity of ILSA H+ can reach 80-100 (ml/hl). However, the recommended dose of ILSA H+ is established by obtaining the red colour of the water.

Method of use:

Fill roughly 2/3 of the atomizer volume with water and, while constantly stirring, add an ILSA H+ dosage of 40-60 (m/hl) and check the water colour: yellow for pH values ≥ 6.0 ; orange for pH values 6.0-5.5; red for pH values ≤ 5.5. We recommend you continue adding ILSA H+ until the solution highlights the first shades of red. At this point, add the products to be used in the mixture along with the rest of the water.


The colours obtained may vary in intensity depending on the various types of water. In a protected environment (greenhouses, tunnels, etc.) the foliar dosage should not exceed 100 (ml/hl) (0.1%). Leaf treatments should normally be carried out during the coolest hours of the day.

  • Total Nitrogen (N) 3 %
    • Of which: Ureic Nitrogen (N) 3 %
  • Total Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 17 %
    • Of which: Water soluble Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) 17 %
  • pH 1,75 +- 0,5 
  • DENSITY 1,17 +- 0,02 kg/dm3
  • CONDUCTIVITY E.C. 4,20 +- 0,20 dS/m
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