ILSA H+: vigor to the herbicide action


January and February is weeding time for cereal crops. The better they are made, with respect to the crops, the greater is the possibility of having strong and productive seedlings in spring. But to do this well, farmers must first analyse the pH of the water used to mix herbicides and plant protection products. In the presence of particularly alkaline waters, with a pH higher than 7.5, the molecules of the active ingredient split and become deactivated, thus losing effectiveness against the pathogen they must control – insects, fungi, or pests.

Ilsa steps in help here with Ilsa H+, a specialty product created to improve the effectiveness of treatments and acidify the water up to the optimal pH values of around 5.5. Ilsa H+ is used during the preparation of the solutions, whether they are phytosanitary (weeds, fungicides) or fertilizers. The dosage to be used during the preparation of the solution is 200–250 ml/hl.

The advantages of Ilsa H+?

None of the current products in the market offer the range of benefits that the Ilsa product does: in addition to the acidifying action, Ilsa H+ has an colour change indicator with the solution, which displays a red-orange colour when the optimal pH has been attained. It leads to emulsifying actions, with formulations that quickly dissolve completely, as well as wetting actions, owing to surfactants that increase the adhesiveness of the solution and the formation of a uniform liquid veil on the leaves. Finally, Ilsa H+ also has a nourishing action, providing nitrogen and phosphorus, which are essential to support the plant during post-treatment.