ILSA the green evolution

The well-being of humanity will increasingly depend on the development of agriculture. 
We believe that agriculture can benefit greatly from the use of
efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizers.

Our idea has always been that of progress capable of combining product performance with respect for nature and people.

This idea of agriculture is achievable by applying new scientific knowledge and transforming it into process and product innovation.

We have called this "The Green Evolution" and it is much more than a simple and noble proposition. it is the philosophy which guides our action in the belief that this is the only way we can ensure solid development and lasting success and help deliver a better world for generations to come.

ilsa FOR agricULTURE


Biostimulants and products with specific action, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, both solid and liquid, for both conventional and organic farming, able to increase the quality and production yields. Its mission is to best meet the needs of today’s farming, which is becoming increasingly specialized and focused on environmental issues.




ILSA always serves the industry with natural raw materials derived from unique production processes increasing the potential and effectiveness of your fertilizers and biostimulants. Tailor-made solutions using ILSA's raw materials to create products improving your business.



Choose the crop of your interest and find out what are the solutions for nutrition and biostimulation of ILSA.

By signing up on the site you will become part of the ILSA community which can access, consult and download all confidential documents, such as dossiers, product sheets, studies, report, result of the trials field. You can request fertilization plans, also customized, and download existing ones.


Sunday 4 August 2019

Buono a Sapersi!
Uva da tavola: il momento della resa dei conti!

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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Buono a Sapersi!
Gelamin®: la matrice unica di ILSA...

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Monday 29 July 2019

CIS2019: Investigating the role of chemistry in facing social challenges. Salerno, August 28, 30

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Friday 19 July 2019

ILSA approves its annual financial statements 2018

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